Write a Great paper & Get It Published in a Research Journal

Salam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu in a very good afternoon yama varriya professor doctors elephant are still being operated school quadrature chimera normal medicine chief librarian UTM library ladies and gentlemen we are truly fortunate today because we did not expect that we have received very very overwhelming response from everyone so thank you for your participation and thank you for coming so today we have earth means your dream time or you can call the Miss B ok al she’s from Elsevier and she will be our presenter today so without further ado may I invite miss D to deliver this talk thank you hello everybody good afternoon I’m truly honored to be matched here as UTM by such an enormous prize and I don’t think I’ve ever presented to so many people actually so thank you very much for coming it’s truly an honor and a pleasure to be here and to everybody for us and kale hi it’s it’s really lovely remember such a nice welcome just to tell you a little bit about myself what everybody is still coming in and I’m a publisher in Amsterdam and I work in environmental sciences so I manage seven journals on environmental toxicology and environmental chemistry I don’t know if there’s anybody here who’s from environmental sciences really okay well I’ve worked with them Elsevier for the last 13 years in various publishing roads I’ve worked in life sciences and Social Sciences Oh Sciences so what a broad overview of both the journals and all the different publishing disciplines and today I’ll be talking a little bit about the publishing process in addition to the peer-review process how to structure a paper so when you start to rush and start to publish how you should go about doing that and very importantly how you should go about finding the right journal to publish your work in and lastly we’ll finish by giving you some tips publishing ethics and what’s allowed and what’s not allowed in the world of publishing and I just want to mention before we start if anybody has any questions will you just wake up me please and we can try and make this as interactive as possible if anybody is on welcome please feel free to intercept at any stage because it’s 20 long presentation I have a lot of slides go through and we can have Q&A; at the end if you wish but feel free to raise your hands and ask any questions during the course of the presentation if you like to spark some discussion so I’ve just mentioned too in brief what the outline of our talk will be today so without further ado I’ll continue with it so you may be familiar with the publishing cycle and this is pretty much how we play a central part in the process so as a publisher we facilitate a system where you submit all your papers and we ensure that there are editors on the journals and who are as cheese in their fields in order to manage the peer review process to make sure that your your paper gets a go to review that’s helpful to you but also it’s a it’s a stamp it’s a certification of validity in terms of the content we make sure that your article is structured and prepares in to hurry to performance and swiftly right through the production systems we published as quick as possible then your ours was finally published on its dissemination so we ensure that there’s a system in place where your article can be found and will always be present and in the correct and updated for us and around all of this there’s a number of different developments that have been going on in the last couple of years with all of the electronic developments and you have seen for example this we’ve moved very much to for print to online and we’ve been enhancing how we reach the article online so it feels up for example for science directions to a similar one for surface to ensure that wherever you are and whatever you’re doing you can access your paper or your colleagues papers or your peers papers so publishing over the last five six seven years it’s undergone quite a radical change in how things have been done and you know some of the more established academics may remember years ago going to a conference and trying to find an editor of a journal and taking three copies of your paper with you hoping that the edge are there would be able to find three reviewers to review your paper and you pop it in the mail and every day you’d be looking at a post to see how something coming back from the journal editor publisher and will take a long time to get published these days is much quicker depending on discipline earring but the average time instead of wasting the year or two is really a month or two the format of the article and how its read online has also changed the accessibility to research is much better than it was because there’s no more print everything is online and it’s readily available for you to find in addition to how you find the content we’ve made a lot of developments and how you use the content and by finding one article we help you to find related reading materials so that you don’t have to spend you’re applying yourself looking through all of the research articles in your area and there’s also been a lot of developments in terms of data and how we support the implementation of data into the article and the supplementary data that you might want to add to your article is relevant for others some journals and the publishers now are actually asking for your data and when you’re submitting your article and that hasn’t really made much progress — but I think it will over the next coming years I’ll discuss a little bit later and some of the peer review process in a little bit more detail but touching on trends and publishing and how we have been looking at these trends over the last couple years I just wanted to give you some information on that and a lot of the developments that we’ve made have been but through collaboration with all of you so we’ve been talking to our researchers and sending out surveys and hearing from our users which are you how you want the worth of publishing to develop and tied into mass via for example over the years ago we’ve done a few peer review grad challenges or we’ve opened the floor for ideas and any good ideas that came through there were voted upon and we’ve tried to implement them we’ve also been listening to how much time it takes you to submit an article and what the pain points are of our authors and reviewers and we developed your paper you’re away a number of years ago where we eliminated formatting and referencing requirements so a couple years going to provide for authors and you would spend a long time formatting your article to

Study Tips: Top tips for writing a psychology laboratory report

hello today we’re going to talk about lack reports so I’ve got some top tips on writing the lab report if you are studying an undergraduate degree in psychology it’s more than likely that you’ll be writing lab reports it’s pretty inevitable at the moment and psychology degrees it’s an important part of psychology training which is conducting the border to experiments some people love writing lab reports some people are indifferent to writing lab reports and some people like me really don’t like committing lab reports at all so I’ve got three top tips and tip number one is make sure you write in the third person what does that mean well the third person is all about pronouns the first person uses pronouns like I me so I would say I am presenting to the camera and making a podcast the third person refers to programs like them or him or her or we could say with the role so in this instance it would be the presenter is creating a podcast henceforth you have to refer to yourself only in the third person right okay so I know what so instead of saying I am listening you say Cesar is listening or Cesar listens makes it seem more mental so when you’re writing a lab report you refer to yourself in a role you don’t use the first don’t use personal pronouns you don’t say I conducted an experiment you refer to your roles so what you will write is the experimenter conducted the study or the researcher conducted the experiment now this feels weird it’s weird saying it and it feels weird to write it it’s unusual you do hear people talking in the third person they tend to be people who’ve got a from a sense of self-importance like politicians there’s nobody that feels stronger about the intelligence community and the CIA then Donald Trump Vinick also be celebrities and in that instance people’s identity is their brand so their name is the brand and so they’re constantly wanting to reinforce the brand by referring to their name rather than using a personal pronoun no it’s the Kylie Jenner I just also always wanted to say that I don’t know now it is weird talking like that and writing like that but when you think about what a laboratory experiment is in the sense of the scientific paradigm it’s working within in relation to psychology then it’s not weird at all because it’s positivism there’s a scientific paradigm is positivism positivism says that truth exists independently of our sins if it exists in the outside world so we accumulate knowledge and that knowledge is subjective it doesn’t matter what my personal beliefs are it doesn’t matter what my politics are doesn’t matter what my life experiences me discovering truth is independent of those things all I need is the skills to be able to conduct research so in this paradigm it doesn’t really matter who the researcher is so we don’t want to invite questions like who was the researcher what did they believe what was their religion what was their politics so we try to avoid those questions because we don’t think there are other questions I actually think they’re extremely valid questions but in positivism nah we don’t think those things affect that thing that is being observed so that’s why we don’t use the personal pronoun because we don’t want to engage in this at a personal level of analysis about who the researcher is so we use the third person we just say the researcher now actually the sweet spot in positivism isn’t we can get people to forget that there’s actually a researcher there at all and that’s where you use the passive tense in your sentence so passive tense would be something rather than saying the research conducted an experiment you would remove the researcher entirely in your sentence construction you would just say an experiment was conducted it just happened so if that’s the convention so once you understand the paradigm then you understand why we don’t use the personal pronoun so that’s tip number one tip number two is also in relation to writing style and in this instance it’s about your use of the verb tense whether you write about things in the past in the present or in the future you are too concerned with what was and what will be is a saying yesterday is history tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift that is why it is called present what you need to do is write about the thing using the tense that describes when it happened so when you’re writing about an experiment you conducted keep it all in the past tense so when you’re writing about a hypothesis that you developed past tense if you’re writing about literature that’s being that exists right there it’s been written about it’s all in the past tense because that stuff’s already been written occasionally you’ll write in the present tense and that’s when you’re talking about the states of the literature at the moment and what’s happening in the research community in regards to this area of investigation then that could be the present tense and you’d only shift into the future tense when you’re describing what you would like to see how in regards to research in relation to the research question typically you just measure that stuff in your discussion so in your introduction and in your method section and in the reporting of your results it’s all pretty much past tense occasionally present tense when you’re referring to the present state of literature so keep the tenses reflective when the things happen that you described don’t mix your tenses up too much okay so keep some consistency there the final tip is in relation to how you handle the truth the truth you can’t handle the truth what you want to avoid are statements like this proves that or there is a definite link between this and that we know for certain that basically you want to avoid anything that would suggest that you are putting forward an absolute truth so saying that you discovered something to be true you don’t do that in experiments I mean in experiments all we can do is say that we think something is probable we have I think something is probably true or probably untrue we don’t definitively say it is definitely true or definitely false so what we’re dealing with is probabilities so avoid saying things like this experiment proves that such and such is the case avoid the word proof and if you’re going to use the word significant make sure you only use the term significant if you’re using significance testing that’s where you test to see if the level of probability is high enough for us to have good a good level of confidence that this thing actually did kind of happen and it’s probably not so much due to chance so avoid the word significant unless you’re using significant tests and avoid the word proof so those are my three top tips for writing and best of luck if you’re writing one just now see you next time kids

5 Tips For Writing College Essays

hey just have and welcome back to another episode of studies Jeff if you don’t need that welcome to the Jessica family be sure to subscribe if you haven’t already because I upload a weekly study tip videos and also leave me a comment below telling me something about yourself because I just love to get to know all of my Jessica’s and I hire respond to as many of your comments as I possibly can today I’m doing an episode that is all about writing essays so I’m going to be sharing with you exclusive tips to help you out with planning and also working on your essays to help you get those a pluses and just a little reminder before we get into this video if you haven’t already then click on the link below so that you can subscribe and sign up to be a exclusive as seeded study buddy and you’ll be able to access for free my online study skills sessions and I’m actually covering how to tackle major signs and projects in this session and there is also a special offer at the end of the three-part series so it definitely click on link below and sign up alright alright so let’s get into today’s episode about writing essays and also to help you out and demonstrate my tips I am using this guy here I’m using my pink susan education area as a planner and the reason I love it is because it has this really well for our template and it just means that your essay is going to be structured and floor logically which is really important when you’re trying to get that a plus so I’m going to take you through how I write my essay and I hope they just help you all right guys let’s get started make sure you understand your topic the first thing I like to do before I start to write an essay is to underline key terms and phrases to make sure that I answer the questions appropriately so just take any highlighter or pen and go ahead and underline any words that you think you should pay extra attention to then I make sure to review my notes search the internet and have a look through my textbook to make sure I have a good grasp on the topic we’re still thinking about how I should answer the essay question use a framework to help structure your essay one really useful way to structure your essay is to use the standard five paragraph structure making sure your essay is well structured is really important because you want to make sure that your essay is introduced clearly flows logically and is well organized so help me write in my plan I’m going to be using my seated education route pink as my planner carefully plan each of your paragraphs let’s start with the introduction paragraph so this paragraph of your essay should typically open up the discussion introduce your arguments indicate how you intend on answering the question and engage your reader the introduction paragraph is where you should develop a strong argument in response to the essay question remember your argument is the backbone of your essay so all that research that you did before is going to come in handy when deciding what angle to take in your writing your argument then is written out clearly as your thesis statement in the introduction of your essay then you’ll refer back to it several times in the essays before restating it and demonstrating how it’s been proven in your conclusion after you’ve written your thesis statement you want to briefly mention the main points that will be discussed throughout your essay so that the reader knows what to expect think of this paragraph as a little summary of your paper you next you’re going to write down your three main points or ideas in each of the separate body paragraphs and flush them out using dot points an important tip for planning these paragraphs and deciding what information to include is to make sure that every point is relevant to the question also a body paragraph should typically indicate to the reader how it relates to the previous paragraph begin with a topic sentence include supporting evidence to each point and emphasize how the question is being addressed and now we are up to the conclusion okay so this section is going to summarize everything you’ve written so far so make sure you avoid presenting any new arguments in this paragraph the end of this section is to convince the reader that your essay has covered the most important arguments about the topic write in Stajan once you’ve written your essay plan you’re ready to start writing your first draft don’t worry about making your first draft perfect because you just want to allow your ideas to flow and then your later drafts will be for fixing mistakes and improving your writing also when you do begin writing your first draft make sure to write in third-person and avoid using words like I me or my unless your teacher tells you to it just makes your writing stand more sophisticated check your work once you finish writing your essay and you’re happy with it then it is time to sell a write okay well maybe not quiet just yet but you’re almost there just take some time to proofread your essay before you hand it in I like to spend roughly fifteen minutes reading over my essay and checking over my spelling grammar and punctuation the other thing that I find really helpful is to set my essay aside for a couple of days that way I want to come back to it I’m able to view my work more objectively which also helps me see whether I print as concisely and logically as I could have so that’s all for today’s episode I hope you found these tips really helpful for planning and working on your next major essays the class and if you dislike these tips to be sure to give this video a thumbs up and also make sure you subscribe to my channel if you aren’t already subscribed because I upload or weekly so tip videos and I don’t want you guys to miss out also make sure you sign up to be an exclusive a study buddy I’m seen dedication way to access my online the repot study skills the sessions and you’re also going to get something a very special at the end but I’m not telling you guys but it is you have to watch all three of the episodes anyways that’s all for today and be sure to check out student education airy and grab yourself an Esso planner because they make writing essays so much easier and honestly who actually enjoys writing essays so if I can help you guide and bring a little bit more inspiration and motivation into your study sessions then that is just going to be awesome and I’ve got my blog be sure to get through the education room subscribe to my channel you can already subscribe and I’ll see you guys next week I love you so much have a happy and productive week Jessica bye you

CA IPCC Accounts «Amalgamation Part-B» @ CA Institute—Bhadani Coaching Centre

the virtual aqua caught glimps Malaga in past condition stuff I ain’t going to tell you when the sister penny penny condition had a vendor company asset library purchasing company Kim has a clarity punjah a key amalgamation table Marisa was a clear over it’s much explained on a like named Lucy conditions unit vendor company came ninety percent you have to say the other equity share holders purchasing company cake equally sir oldest enjoying it duper Malaysian very come and go Mulligan and a bus fast luck equity sir said number sleeve al-quran the song as the condition number two Hispanic music come sircome sorry Charlotte yes a Giada equity share holders purchasing community equity said oldest bonne journee je ma sha Allah Yara sorry sorry do submit hundred percent come second 90% of ashram Andy Jo so sorry Charlotte go see Dada equity shareholders of vendor company Hunico co-payment geographer chasing company gaeduara open it equity circuit dora he ki jagah so that equity shareholders money ahead purchasing company this calculation giving a other purchasing company where a sec which says vendor completeness old variety the home cook explode karna hoga muslim are the Bakke but jay says my same 90% the condition of like okay Carol Dubois i addicted mulligan and just my passion obsession in on slack message for changing company and you don’t have a la compañía and accommodation about it for end of basic push investment curse at pH and get shares me managing and dole dog says old cot theta and they say but so much avatar auntie Erin and need Oleg says of em per se skyrocket amalgamation keep releasing yeah valuation Giverny amalgamation my lady but the outside is fitnesses hold the rank a total monologue missing is missing Dola and volga rod or bucket in la outsiders for a terrain so 90% when your rule has a joke which is our condition number two for amalgamation in the nature of merger for 90% the rule is feel locked they applicable all that that is applicable only on the equally thesis of vendor company held by outsiders your purchasing company for the Rayette was for it’s not hurry up teen lock sales message comes to come 90 percent method Allah accept our ajar said yeah who says yada equity share holder will become the equity shareholders of the purchasing company dole accept area could see Rihanna who regulating luxaire old Rosco equities and oldest banana yoga but changing completely deity of mixed second condition virtually clear at the edge of equity shareholders vendor company equities our oldest will become the equity shareholders of purchasing company in equities our oldest key consideration job up name is numerical example may comes a condo Lok Satta Raja yeah for up to 3 lakh which we number Osaka get equity shareholders key you permit consideration Joe in Co klementieva open it pour the Thea curry terrific equity says kid to Raj yoga month of equity said issue contains a Tokyo jaga except if fraction come in Korea which guess DJ’s appear otherwise not infraction diamond explained welcome Molly G the man is n company named teen Maria says Kolkata or M curve amalgamation hora and assault it’s me decide clearly auntie em each equally serve older go and obtain equity said they got as the main consideration a no scale a ratio decide one he and kissed so much says timidly it said do yoga anger but children and a giggle and his solar cells get against me and up not egg survey the miracle Jonathan hide ourselves or the round admin Maricopa chocolate mousse if I said it’s milling it 3000 put the white girl in his 16 set it comes to 180 7.5 a bunch of fraction again 187 saves to issuing it like in 0.5 killing obviously n Co cast anybody a miracle it’s the wreckage of fractions of the handfuls fraction Gilly Casca payment rows of that so I need you condition number two three the end it joe beaser older side goes missing it comes a come 90% go equity shareholders banana yoga in n company by issue of equity share or into consideration safe equity set so he set will be hiding but I got fraction the fraction Gillian obviously cash permit pose a clear otherwise not so but so condition of the three and four clear away I repeat Peru rather condition number two and three I need not three and four I got my the big condition number though say that the vendor company gained ninety percent Yahoo say the other equity share holders purchasing company equities are oldest bunging it after amalgamation condition of the three says the age of equities are oldest you know net aside here Evo vendor company equity seldom happy or Bosna purchasing company quit is a total ban jangle implement consideration and purchase consideration F was self or self equity says issue Kirk a he settled Eid except that which fraction part Kelly a cash payment areas of the next condition number four when the company charge of business I was Co purchasing company continued career mclubbe purchasing company sip vendor company asset liability interested me and rather cool a business may including asset liability interested head or MU business continue Cuyahoga here amateur next fifth and the last condition grinder company key asset liability amalgamation key bath purchasing company opening books made it a lovely balance equal decaying so we’ll make boy adjustment he ki jagah other than accounting policy ever changed oh the Cusco adjustment key areas are ahead other than that all for adjustment nahi kiya but to a hand man’s conditions I’ve got a book my dignity the internship conditions licking it Turkey obvious copper September 8 night but I needed some work but which nanny yoga discuss Kurata who he has me what effect early Latakia next up my copy Milligan up to a point to liquor isn’t as per as 14 an elimination are of two types first job elem governor discussed an amalgamation in the nature of merger second is evaluation in the nature of purchase a skinny chick showed us a note a key for definition and effort page 73 Bera 1 & 2 so it conditions on a different way continue but then betraying your past conditions on Logan discuss key as an NBA pants conditions fulfill only paper daily point is that a garage conditions fulfill 45 pisidian illumination made then that will be referred to as a null mentioned in the nature of merger paga response Nasik we take the condition of violate OT a mother a poncho condition fulfill my ego da then it is called amalgamation in the nature of purchase but your inhalation you have both an allegation here a lake any a distinction of merger and purchase importantly from accounting point of view next point looking at look buying the bucket not a joke the Third Point begin purchase consideration it is the among of it is the amount paid by the purchasing company to the vendor company for it’s that is when their companies set ordered us put stuff sir orders include equity and preference next I regret any other payment shall be that separately but transfer Kevin England